CarGarantie leading manufacturer-independent warranty insurer in Europe

In July 2019, the market research company Finaccord conducted a comprehensive study of the providers of extended warranties for new and used cars in Europe in 2018. In the European overall ranking of all warranty providers, CarGarantie ranks 2nd among the top providers. According to the study, only the VW Group has a larger market share. The top 10 providers share almost three quarters of the market among themselves.

One of the reasons for this success is the pan-European commitment: CarGarantie is one of the few providers active in almost all countries surveyed. In many of these countries CarGarantie is one of the most successful companies. This results in a strong overall picture on the European market.

There is no doubt that the market has a promising future. According to the study, the total premiums in Europe as a whole have grown over the last five years by almost 800 million euros from 2.22 billion euros in 2014 to 3.05 billion euros in 2018. This corresponds to an annual growth rate of 8.3%. CarGarantie is therefore in a good position to further expand its market position in the future.